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Announcement June 2015

CAM-I welcomes King County and BCH Electric Limited as their new members.

CPA Canada has developed an executive overview of The Consortium for Advanced Management – International (CAM-I)’s Performance Management Framework (PMF) to help you evaluate and improve organizational performance.

The PMF is an eight-step model that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any organization, industry or sector. It has been used in research initiatives in various sectors such as health care, environmental sustainability, and integrated risk and crisis management.

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The basic mission of any commercial organization is to profitably convert resources (people, materials, machinery, equipment, facilities, etc) into products and services customers want to buy.  The means of conversion encompasses all of the processes and activities required to make and deliver products and services and to run the business.

In a world where everyone has access to the same raw materials, labor pools, suppliers, machinery, and often the same technology, competition is fierce. In most industries, the only way to differentiate from competitors is in process productivity, performance, and innovation.

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Derek Sandison, Vice President of Strategic Alliances with Decimal Technology, a software and consulting firm, and Ward Melhuish, a Principal at Grant Thornton were interviewed by Federal News Radio’s Chris Dorobek on the recent release of CAM-I’s “Performance Management Maturity Framework”

Together with many other things the focus was on how agencies can improve performance.

There are a lot of questions swirling around about the 2011 budget. But one thing is pretty clear - Your budget is getting cut.

One way to make your money go further is to improve performance. The management experts at the Consortium for Advanced Management-International (CAM-I) have come up with its own performance framework.

You can listen to the interview here:

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Chairman Srikant Sastry and President Ashok Vadgama were interviewed by Federal News Radio’s Chris Dorobek on the recent release of CAM-I’s paper: Involving the Extended Value Chain in a Target Costing / Life Cycle Cost Process Model.  The conversation ranged from how Target Costing can apply to the public sector to what CAM-I is and what projects it’s working on currently.  You can listen to the interview here:

The CAM-I Toolkit is now available online. These methods and tools are the result of ongoing CAM-I Research.