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Performance Management

Recognizing that organizations face many conflicting priorities to effective strategy execution, the PM Interest Group has developed the CAM-I Performance Management Framework (PMF).

Performance Management

The CAM-I PMF helps organizations to determine:

    • WHAT initiatives to focus on to improve performance
    • WHERE to best deploy scarce resources
    • HOW to measure improvement to validate success

PMF is a holistic methodology that identifies and improves core business capabilities that influence any organization’s performance. To assist in strategy execution and improve performance, the framework:

  • Conducts an organizational readiness assessment
  • Identifies maturity gaps in business capabilities
  • Recommends specific techniques to close maturity gaps
  • Directionally suggests appropriate measures to track improvement
  • Creates a performance focused culture by identifying key initiatives that will make a significant impact on improving performance

Recent publication (jointly with CPA Canada): The CAM-I Performance Management Framework Executive Overview – How to Evaluate and Improve Organizational Performance

Chair: Derek Sandison, Phone: (905) 301-0429 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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