Subject Matter Experts


Derek Sandison

Derek Sandison is a senior partner at Landmark Decisions Inc., a Canadian niche consulting firm. Derek provides leadership and support to Landmark’s Performance Alignment advisory services.

Derek is a subject matter expert for the collaborative research organization, the Consortium for Advanced Management International (CAM-I) and is recognized as a leading authority in the field of Performance Management.

He is an author, facilitator and frequent speaker particularly in the real-world deployment of performance management solutions for critical business improvement. His career has encompassed the design of innovative methodologies and solutions in aerospace, engineering and software systems.

A pioneer of Activity Based Management and Balanced Scorecard concepts, Derek was founder and CEO of Sapling Corporation and was instrumental in the original design, development and deployment of Sapling’s Performance Management software and implementation methodology. After Sapling was acquired by Hyperion (now Oracle), Derek continued his career as an independent management consultant and designed and developed advanced Performance Management systems for over one hundred companies internationally.

Derek has a B.Sc. in mathematics from Aberdeen University, Scotland and a Certificate in Operations Research from the University of Toronto. He has acted as an advisory member of the board for several technology related companies. On behalf of Sapling Corporation, he received the National Quality Institute Award for Innovation and he recently received the CAM-I Bonsack Award for Distinguished Contribution in the Advancement of Cost Management.

William (Bill) Dummer

William (Bill) Dummer


William (Bill) Dummer is a Target Costing expert with extensive experience in the development and application of Target Costing across multiple industries, including aviation, home appliances and transportation. Bill spent the majority of his career in Boeing Commercial Airplanes in various Engineering, aircraft certification and finance roles. He was instrumental in the introduction of Target Costing in Boeing. Bill subsequently served as Global Target Costing Senior Manager for Whirlpool Corporation and Product Cost and Analysis Senior Manager at Navistar. He is currently in an aircraft certification role on the new Boeing 737 MAX program. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and a Masters in Statistics.

Anthony Pember

Anthony Pember Grant Thornton LLP

Anthony Pember is a lead for Grant Thornton's Cost and Performance Analytics Service Line. Anthony has a wide range of experience in both the private and public arenas including cost and profitability modeling, model methodology and business rule development, strategic analysis, data analysis, and project management. Anthony has been involved in, and has led, cost management and performance improvement projects for many clients in the United States, Australia, Mexico and Great Britain.

Anthony has experience designing, building, and maintaining cost and predictive models for a number of clients within the Australian Department of Defense, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, commercial clients, and numerous higher education institutions. Prior to working for Grant Thornton, Anthony was CEO of Pilbara Group, a boutique software and consulting company. Anthony has also spent many years working for multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol Myers Squibb and Schering Plough, where he gained experience in the areas of manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and sales.

Anthony currently serves on the CAM-I Board and is the co-chair of its Environmental Sustainability Interest Group that is currently investigating how methodologies like Activity Based Costing and Target Costing can be applied to the environmental sustainability field. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University.


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