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Forecasting for Procurement of Complex
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Forecasting for Procurement of Complex Acquisition and Support Projects

Many organisations have large budgets to procure new capabilities and support existing capabilities. The lifespan of these acquisition/build and support/run projects can run from a single year to 25 years and beyond in some cases.

Often these projects have a reputation for cost and time overruns, and variability of forecasting that present a major challenge to the Finance function in trying to manage the overall budget in any given financial time period.

The finance function has to apply its own professional judgement to try and ensure the summation of these projects does not result in a sub-optimal utilisation of the budget so that taxpayers/shareholders money is not wasted.

Forecasting for Procurement of Complex Acquisition and Support Projects

The aim of this project is to, using as a case study the MOD project, leverage knowledge across the defence sector end to end, including industry partners, international defence organisations and bodies that review Defence budgets, to identify common root cause problems.  The intention is to also leverage the wider CAM-I network to highlight common issues and learning to aid the overall objective of improving the stability and quality of financial management and forecasting for such projects.

The interest group will then move on to proposing solutions by identifying skills, knowledge, tools and techniques that could be applied to eliminate unnecessary barriers to effective financial management.  Some of the solutions could be “quick wins” exploiting better communication of existing knowledge and information end to end through looking at the problems form different perspectives. The outcome should be to improve the quality of financial management, provide better stability to forecasting, and that we maximise the capacity and capability available to our Armed Forces in a timely manner from the budget available.


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