2015 3rd Qtr CAM-I Meeting Photos

Barrington Owens, Director of Innovation Resource Management at Caterpillar who presented “The Approach to Innovation at Caterpillar”  is thanked by Ashok Vadgama, CAM-I President.Aaron Larson from Navistar who presented “Deriving Business Value from Analytics is thanked by Ashok Vadgama, CAM-I President.
Chauntelle Hellner, Finance & Administrative Service Manager, KING COUNTY. Carmel Call

Director, Business Resource Center, KING COUNTY and Derek Sandison, CAM-I, PM Interest Group Leader, DECIMAL who jointly presented “Performance Management Update and Case Study”are thanked by Tony Adkins, Product Manager for SAS Institute Inc., and Industry Chair for CAM-I.

CAM-I Upcoming Meetings

CAM-I UK – February 20-21 2023, Abbey Wood, UK
CAM-I USA – March 6-8 2023, Alexandria, VA
CAM-I USA – June 5-7, 2023,TBD
CAM-I USA – September 11-13, 2023, Tysons, VA
CAM-I UK – October 2023, UK, TBD
CAM-I USA - December 4 - 6 2023, Virtual

CAM-I Spring Meeting

March 6 - 8, 2022

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